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Fires Of Spring (Bates 1997) 433 M

A very classy light center salmon pink with a spectacular veined rose-red blotch.  Easily opens 8 or more in very formal placement with an equal number in color and a total of 25 or more buds.  The florets are of good substance with a satiny finish and just the perfect amount of ruffling.  Almost always doubled lipped.  An excellent glad for any purpose, but we feel it will really excel on the show table.  Healthy, Vigorous and a fine propagator.

L: $1.50/ea., M: $1.00/ea.


Frosty White (Turk1998) 400EM

Everyone who grows this outstanding white pronounces it the top all around white.  Tall grower with excellent cutting stems that opens 8 of 25 buds in formal placement. Opens from tight bud and holds well. First class in every respect.

L: $1.50/ea., or M: $1.00/ea.


MEMORIES (Mackenzie 1995) 478 M

A clear purple with a silver pencil line around each petal. Opens 8 of 23 buds in formal placement on heads of 30”. Florets are wide open and nicely ruffled. An excellent grower with tall plants, pretty bulbs, and lots of bulblets.

L $2.00 M $1.50


MILLENIUM (Klutey 1999) 401 M

Very fancy, ruffled white with an interestingly large medium-rose blotch. Opens up to 9 of 26 buds nicely on arrow straight flowerheads. Health and growth habits are all superlative.

L: $2.00/ea., M: $1.00/ea.


POCOHANTAS (Apfel 2001) 323 E

A heavily ruffled light orange with a small deeper orange blotch on a yellow throat.  Very pretty and extremely consistent. An easy grower of quality spikes. Makes exceptionally nice bulbs and plenty of bulblets. Great glad to have in the garden.

L $1.50 or 3/$3.00 M $1.00


RUBINESQUE (Bowen 2013) 544 M

Opens 8-10 formal florets with 26 buds on 34” flowerheads.  The color is a medium salmon pink and plants are robust, yielding top-notch bulbs.

L: $2.50 M: $1.50 S: $.75 or Unit: 1L, 2 M, 1S, 10 bulblets for $8.50



TRIXIE (Selinger 2011)373 EM

A very appealing light lavender with a creamy throat that contains a bold deep purple blotch. This healthy glad is a very uniform producer of easy to cut spikes.  Flowerheads are 26” and hold 24 buds of which opens 7.  Growers will find this a very welcome addition to the garden.

L: $2.50/ea., M: $2.00/ea., S: $1.00/ea


Tantastic (Cartmell 1991) 295 M

A great exhibition miniature with an extremely novel color pattern – brown with slate blue edges

and a red blotch on a smoky pink throat. Opens 7-9 of 24 buds in perfect formal placement with an equal number in color.

L $2.00/ea., M $1.00




Summerville Gladiolus 2017 induction into the

International Gladiolus Hall of Fame

“Sabrina” 2017

International Gladiolus Hall of Fame 2017 Sabrina

Summerville Gladiolus 2016 Induction into the

International Gladiolus Hall of Fame

Induction into the Hall Of Fame



We here at Summerville Gladiolus Worldwide have made it our primary goal for 60 years to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality bulbs available anywhere.



Having consistently met this goal for customers on six (6) continents, it is also very important to us that we maintain the integrity of our multi-generational family business and passion, as well as keep New Jersey’s reputation as “The Garden State” alive.

Dana Summerville & Bruce Elwell

   Proud Member of the North America Gladiolus Council

*Credit for all photos go out to all Summerville Gladiolus Worldwide Employee’s and Friends.