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Last Updated on 2 of February 2018

Summerville Gladiolus Worldwide has been in business since 1956 growing and hybridizing gladiolus. Many of today’s premier show glads were products of our expertise. We publish an annual catalog of bulbs containing over 400 world-class cultivars. In addition to our own hybridizing efforts, we have introduced and successfully marketed seedlings from some of the best growers and hybridizers from around the globe that have earned more ribbons and awards collectively than probably any other cataloger.

Anyone interested in receiving our New 2018 Season Catalog please send us a request at Summervilleglads@gmail.com.

Be sure to include your complete mailing address in the e-mail. Upon receiving the catalog, you will find that we have a stunning variety of cultivars from world-renowned hybridizers and includes everything from old favorites to brand new first year introductions propagated from seedlings. We have a complete selection of miniatures and show glads as well as unique mixes and bulk lots.



  Proud Member of the North American Gladiolus Council