Glad Tidings 2018

The bulbs are all dug and tucked away for the winter, and we have the largest quantity of bulbs harvested that we have had in 20 years! This is due in part to the success we had last season when we left part of our bulblet crop in the ground over the winter. Last year was on the mild side, and thusly none of the bulbs in the ground froze. The results far exceed expectations. Row after row the plants emerged from the ground not only early, but as thick a hedgerow. Even certain varieties that we have had trouble with propagation grew like never before.

Ironically one of these slow propagators is one of this year’ s top introductions Her Majesty. Winner of several grand champs for the late showman Mike Wagner as a seedling. Our other top show introduction, is Matriarch, and between the two we predict a lot of ribbons this season. We also have standout colors, like Blood Brother, Hot & Spicy and Fire Plug, which we promise to be a visual fiesta! “Improbable Wings” is an outstanding miniature and our first introduction from our good friend Bruce Elwell, who graciously wrote the description.

This season we would like to welcome back our overseas customers. After a six year hiatus we have decided to venture back into worldwide distribution. Unfortunately, in addition to regular overseas postal charges, the state of New Jersey has now implemented $25.00 per order surcharge on orders outside the US which we must pass along. However, we promise that the extra bulbs you receive with your order will far exceed the total shipping cost. New to the catalog this season might spark a little interest to those with the hybridizing bug. We are offering pollen from varies varieties that we collected last fall. This way hybridizers start pollenating as soon as the 1 st flowers bloom. We also our offering open pollenated seed of a number of varieties. As we age, it seems like time moves faster, so before you know it, we will be back to planting bulbs of our favorite flower: The Gladiolus!.

Dana Summerville

New Introductions 2018

Blood Brother (Bowen 2018) 356 EM

Not since the classic varieties “Matchmaker” and “Peerless”, have I seen a glad with such great color! Blood Brother is a rich, deeply saturated red that really stands out as it opens 7-8 formally placed florets on 26”-28” heads. Very uniform in blooming with great color should make this an instant favorite amongst designers. Gardeners too, will equally enjoy it in a vase in their home. Plants are healthy and produce beautiful deep red bulbs with an ample amount of easy germinating bulblets. Growers who favor the dark colors will definitely want to grow this one.

L: $4.50/ea., M: $3.25/ea., S: $2.00/ea., or Unit: 1L, 2 M, 1S, 10 bblts: for $8.50

Fireplug {Summerville 2018) 326 M

Deep orange color with unparalleled ruffling and heavy petal substance will make this a favorite for gardeners. Opens 8 formal florets on 4 ft tall plants with flowerheads of 24”Husky,deep green plants anchor themselves firmly in the ground to withstand the harshest of weather. Couple that with blooming florets that seem to stay open longer than most, and you have the recipe for the perfect landscape glad. Great color and ruffling will also endear it with florists. Plants produce large, very healthy bulbs with plenty of bulblets that grow like crazy. Thus the low introductory price.

L: $3.50ea., M: $2.50ea., S: $1.50ea., or Unit for 2L, 2M, 2S, and 10 bblts-$11.00

HER MAJESTY (Sprinkle 2018) 400 EM

This, the last introduction from a cross that produced Alexander S, Robert S, Lavender Rose, and others, may prove to be the best of all. Her Majesty is a pristine white that opens 8-10 elegantly ruffled florets very formally on tall sturdy spikes with 33” heads. Petal substance is heavy, and combined with the intense ruffling and formal blooming, show Growers will find it a sure bet for Championship honors. We had a row of medium sized bulbs produce innumerable show caliber spikes to go along with the large plump bulbs they made. Has won at least two seedling championships and will give all show competitors a real run for their money.

L: $6.00ea., M: $4.50ea., S: $2.50ea., or Unit for: 1L, 2M, 2S, and 10 bblts-$15.00

Hot + Spicy (Bowen 2018) 415 EM

A real favorite on the farm is this combination of medium sun yellow surrounded with a flaming orange color on the petal’s edge. So bright one almost needs a pair of sunglasses to look at it! Similar in color to the classic variety Fiesta, only with a little more yellow and a brighter color. Tall-growing and an easy cutter, this glad will brighten up any bouquet of flowers and will absolutely sizzle in an arrangement. Extremely healthy plants make bulbs with an abundance of large, well-germinating bulblets so propagation of stock will be swift. Make sure to “spice” up your garden this season.

L-$5.00ea., M-$3.50ea., S-$2.00ea., or Unit for: 1L, 2M, 2S, and 10 bblts-$13.00

IMPROBABLE WINGS (Elwell 2018) 265 E

A bright little glad with uncommon color and floret form, and my first introduction thanks to Dana’s propagation over the past six years, it comes from a cross of Shooting Stars (Fisher/Selinger) x Buttons (Krajewski). Hoping for face-ups from that cross, this is almost but not quite that: a large 200-size thanks to its wide wing petals, with the dorsal petal pointing up the stem and the bottom three heavily recurved. The top three are ash rose with a hairline gray picottee as are the very edges of the bottom ones, otherwise covered with a brilliant cerise/fuchsia blotch. (See the photo.) Unless pushed, it never grows over four ft. tall, but spikes are invariably straight and uniform with as formal placement as one can have with such wings. Heads are 24 inches with 18 buds and seven opening in the field. It opens well when cut and has shown no health problems since it first bloomed eight years ago. Bulblets are large and germinate the first year. It works well in patinas and other tabletop designs and, while thus far never shown should win blue ribbons or better in three-spike classes thanks to the uniformity of spikes.

L-$4.50ea., M-$3.25ea., S-$1.50ea., or Unit for: 1L, 1M,1S, 10 Bblts ($7.50)

Matriarch (Bowen 2018) 375 E

One morning when I gazed upon my patch of first-time blooming glads, there was one that really stood out. For several years, I made sure to take special care of it and each year its appeal has grown. Matriarch, is the real deal. 33” heads stand tall on 5’ plants while formally opening 8-9 florets of 28 buds. Each plant down the row seem to look identical! Not only should it compete for individual honors, it should really do well in the three and five spike categories. This glad has the rare distinction of being both beautiful and novel. The outer petals are a medium lavender that turns cream towards the middle which intensifies to light yellow around a large deep rose blotch. Each of the bottom three petals of the blotch have a modest rose dart protruding. Florets or nicely ruffled and needlepointed. We predict this matriarch will stand out in the court of honor of any show it enters.

L-$6.00ea., M-$4.50ea., S-$2,25ea., or Unit for: 1L, 1M,1S, 10 Bblts ($11.00)

Silver Lining (Ehl 2018) 400 E

A nicely ruffled clean white that seems to have all the fine habits every Grower likes. One of our earliest blooming whites, Silver Lining blooms very consistently up and down the row. Razor straight spikes bloom wide open and very formal. Easily opens 8 of 24 buds with 28” head length. Also noteworthy is its durability in tough weather. Spikes are well anchored by husky plants so they don’t blow over in storms and during intense heat there is no tip burn on the spikes. During cool weather it tends to open with a slight pink flush which adds to its beauty. With healthy bulbs and good bulblet production this is a seemingly flawless variety. A real winner!

L-$5.00ea., M-$3.50ea., S-$2.00ea., or Unit for: 2L, 1M,1S, 10 Bblts ($11.00)

General Listings Large Varieties 2018

ALEXANDER S. (Sprinkle 2003) 410 M

Easily opens 10 or more florets in an ultra-formal fashion on flowerheads of 30” + that hold 28-30 buds. Exceptionally lovely, golden-ivory buds fully blossom into a full, rich shade of antique ivory white and is truly the “cream” of the crop.

L: $2.00/ea., M: $1.00/ea.

ANTIQUE ROSE (Martin 1993) 366 LM

A novel, deep-rose with some lavender blending into the basic color. The throat is a lighter, old rose shade that will consistently produce ramrod-straight flowerheads that are in excess of 30” with 8-10 of 28 buds opening. An easy cutter that easily leads its color class.

L: $1.50/ea., or 3/$3.00, M: 3/$1.50 or 10/$4.00, S: 10/$2.00

APRICOT RIBBON (Summerville 2009) 320 M

An apricot-colored sport of RED RIBBON that possess the same great cut flower qualities. 28” flowerheads open 7-8 nicely-ruffled florets with 23-24 buds. Health and propagation are unparalleled.


L: $1.50/ea., or 3/$3.00; M: $1.00/ea. or 3/$2.00; S: 3/$1.00

ARNETTE (Owen 1998) 383 E

One of the best performers and happens to be an excellent propagator as well. A very pretty medium blue-lavender with a deep rose blotch on a white throat. Florets are lightly ruffled and tightly attached with 7 or more open at once and a total of 25 buds.

L: $1.00/ea., or (3/$2.50) or (10/$6.00) M: 3/$2.00

ARTISTRY (Vincent 2000) 455 E

A must for those who love the novelties: a dazzling colored glad with multi colors of light yellow, flushed with rose-pink and an overpowering red blotch that’s apparent throughout the floret.

L: $2.00/ea., M: $1.00/ea., S: 3/$1.00

BEAUTY PAGEANT (Apfel 2009) 464 EM

An outstanding medium rose pink with tall, heavy foliage and spikes that carry 28”-30” flowerheads, which open 7-8 formally with 24 buds. Florets open wide with excellent substance, texture, and ruffling.

L: $2.00/ea., M: $1.00/ea.

BEWITCHED (Drewes 1996) 496 LM

Medium to deep salmon smoky, with red lines on the lip petals and fine yellow lines on the upper petals. An excellent cut flower, which has 28” flowerheads with 6-8 of 24 buds open.

L: $1.00/ea., or 10/$7.00, M: 3/$2.00 or 10/$5.00

BLACKHEART (Summerville 2004) 358 M

A tall-growing, healthy black-red with great color saturation. Opens 7-8 florets formally on lengthy, razor-straight flowerheads. Bulbs are beautiful and make plenty of bulblets. If you like the dark colors, you won’t want to be without Blackheart.

L: $2.00/ea., or 3/$5.00; M: $1.00/ea. or 3/$2.00

BLUSHING BRIDE II (Lull 2003) 441 M

An outstanding, multi-purpose glad. A delicate shade of light pink, which is heavily infused with a deeper blush pink on the outer petals. A small, rose feather blotch stamped on the bottom petal gives this bride a true look of elegance. Health and propagation are runaway.

L: $1.00/ea. or 10/$7.00, M: 3/$2.00 or 10/$5.00

BRASH & SASSY (Bowen 2017) 401 EM

Very pretty, is this glistening nicely ruffled pure white with a pronounced mulberry colored blotch that throws darts out the bottom petals.  Designers should be able to make striking arrangements and vases.  Plant health is superb and yields a copious amount of good germinating bulblets. Show growers will also be pleased with its ability to make good show spikes. Head length is 28” – 30”and consistently opens 7-8 florets which are formally placed.  An absolute pleasure to grow!

L: $4.00/ea., M: $3.00/ea., S: $1.50/ea., Unit = 1L – 2M – 2S – 10 bulblets for $9.00

BRILLIANCE (Frazee 2002) 454 M

A superb cut flower that loves to grow. The very intensely colored orange that opens 8 florets on long heads. Very consistent, as well as an excellent propagator.

L: $1.50/ea., M: $0.75/ea. or 3/$2.00

BUFFER ZONE (Bowen 2014) 421 M

A lovely shade of buff that has red brush marks in the throat. Very reminiscent of our 2005 Introduction, Love In A Mist. Produces 27” flowerheads with 6-7 florets opening formally. Great cutting stems and a uniform blooming date, along with its unusual color should make this a variety very appealing for cut flower growers and will look lovely in a vase in any home.

L: $2.500/ea., M: $1.50/ea., S: $0.75/ea. Or Unit: 2 L, 2 M, 3S, 10 Bblts: for $7.00

BUTTERED UP (Bowen 2016)411 M

This heavily-ruffled cream with a yellow blotch is sure to be a welcome addition to your garden. 26” spikes open 7 very formal florets of waxy substance. A very consistent bloomer up and down the row that makes a good, cut table spike—even from small bulbs. Should be a nice exhibition variety, as well as an excellent cut flower. Bulb health is excellent, and propagation is swift.

L: $2.50/ea., M: $1.50/ea., S: $.75/ea., or 1L, 2M, 3S, 10 Blblts for$6.00

CHARM SCHOOL (Selinger 2007) 365 EM

Charm School is a lovely shade of medium lavender with a more pronounced, deeper lavender blotch that opens 8-24 buds. Rapid propagation is a certainty as bulbs yield an abundance of large bulblets.

L: $2.00/ea., M: $1.00/ea., S: $0.50/ea.

CHART TOPPER (Apfel 2016) 387 M

Giant, deep-violet with a very crisp, clean, white throat. Plants often reach up to 6 feet tall! Spikes routinely reach 30”-32” in height and blooming is exceptionally formal. Easily opens 10+ florets with 26-28 buds. Very easy cutter as one hardly has to bend over to cut it. Should become an excellent show flower in the 300 class, as well as a superb cut flower. Rapid propagator and very healthy!

L: $3.25, M: $2.25., S: $1.25, or 1Lrg + 2M + 3 S + 10 Blblts for $8.00

CHOCOLATE RIPPLE (Frazee 1978) 499  LM

A deep chocolate shade, heavily veined and dusted with gold.  There is no other glad anywhere near this color.  Opens 8-10 florets on plants that stand 5 feet tall.  An unsurpassed novelty!

L: $1.50/ea., M: $1.00/ea.

CODE RED (Bowen 2014) 426 EM

A very vibrantly-colored red-orange, and seems to have flawless characteristics! Healthy, deep-red bulbs grow rapidly, producing deep green foliage and tall spikes that seem to uniformly bloom at the same time. Consistently produces 30” flowerheads with 20-22 buds that open 7-8 florets. The vibrant color will make this variety stand out like a beacon in your garden… …and one you will love to cut!

L: $2.50/ea., M: $1.5.0/ea., S: $ .75/ea., or Unit: 1 L, 2 M, 2 S, 10 Bblts for $6.00

DANA II (Nagel 2008) 465 EM

The model of consistency! A lovely pastel shade of rosy-lavender with a subtle blotch that should be included in your garden. Truly outstanding as a cut flower, as it cuts 100% down the row. Plants are tall and extremely easy to cut. Its excellent health and that it is a producer of many easy-germinating bulblets make this a variety that will flourish in your field.

L: $1.00/ea or 10/$7.00, M: $0.75/ea or 10/$5.00.

DORIS DARLING (Hartline1996) 442 M

A gorgeous light pink that easily opens 9 of 29 buds with 32” flower heads. Countless Grand Championships have been won.

L: $2.00/ea., M: $1.00 ea.

DRAMA (Mackenzie 1980) 453 EM

Beautiful, deep watermelon pink with a yellow throat and a red brush mark. Opens 8-9 of 25 buds in formal placement. A top show variety!

L: $1.50/ea., M: $1.00

EARLY BIRD (Bowen 2014) 437 VE

A very healthy variety with very rapid propagation. The color is a crisp salmon pink that blends to a yellow center and consistently produces 28” heads, which open 7-8 florets with 22 buds. Exceptionally early bloomer, as Early Bird has been amongst the first variety in each field to bloom for the past three years (and with near 100% cutting spikes!) Early Bird should assure the grower of early flower money.

L: $2.00/ea, or 3/$5.00, M: $1.25/ea., S: $0.75/ea. 

ENJOY (Labrum 2009) 443 VE

A variety blessed with an abundance of beauty! Enjoy you will, this rosy, flushed, heavenly light pink with its random infusion of hot rose pink on the petal tips and yellow center. These bulbs are plump and high-crowned, and they produce an abundance of large bulblets that are easily germinated.

L: $2.00/ea., M: $1.25/ea.

ESPERANTO (Bates 1997) 313 M

Medium-sized, two-toned cream and light yellow with a striking red explosion blotch. Add a little excitement to your garden and show your friends just how interesting glads can be! One of the best tri-color glads.

L: $1.00/ea or 10/$6.00, M: 3/$2.00 or $10/$5.00

FALL DAYS (Drewes 1997) 425 M

Luminescent medium orange with a golden yellow throat.  Opens 8 round florets with 23-25 buds on a plant of excellent habits.

L: $1.50/ea., or 3/$3.00 M: $1.00/ea., or 3/$2.00

FIREBALL (Bates 1994) 455 EM

About as perfect of a grower as you’ll ever find. Large bulbs produce 32” flower heads and open 7 of 23 buds formally. Color is a clean medium-red with a veined yellow throat. Healthy and prolific.

L: $1.50/ea. or 10/$8.00, M: 1.00/ea., or 10/$6.00

FLAMETHROWER (Apfel2012) 435 M

A truly outstanding variety! The color is a bright, translucent orange, which contains a small, dark, fuchsia blotch. Spikes easily obtain 30” and opens 8 of 22 buds in formal fashion. Will make a great show flower, as well as a very seductive cut flower. Bulbs are very healthy.

L: $2.00/ea., or 3/$5.00, M: $1.00/ea., or 3/$2.00

FLOWER CHILD (Anderson 2006) 473 E

Very attractive, early-blooming novelty. The petal edges are a shade of lilac lavender with a contrasting lime green center containing a rose blotch. Stems are long, slender, and easy to cut.

L: $2.50/ea., or M: $1.50/ea.

FUNTIME (Fischer 1984) 465 M

A unique color combination of old rose with pale green lips and midribs, as well as splashes of green from the upper petals.

L: $1.50/ea., or 3/$3.00, M: 3/$2.00

GOLDEN MELODY (Mackenzie1992) 314 EM

Golden Melody makes straight 33” flower heads with 9 beautifully ruffled florets that open formally. the color is a rich golden yellow, deepening in the center.

L: $1.50/ea., M: $1.00/ea.

GORDON’S MEMORY (Owen 2017) 413 M

Possibly the finest introduction ever from Bill Owen! Gordons memory is a formal, intensely ruffled light yellow with a medium yellow throat and a very discreet mulberry colored line coming from the center.  Florets are waxy with heavy petal substance to make this an arrestingly beautiful variety.  Opens 8 classically ruffled florets very formally on good heads.  When bloomed in cool weather, it tends to cast a bit of a pinkish hue to really add to its appeal.  Nice bulbs produce a plentiful amount of tiny bulblets that when held over for one season, seen to germinate near 100% A very classy glad!

M: $4.00 S: $2.00., or Unit: 1 M, 5 S, 10 Bblts for $8.00

HIGH SOCIETY (Labrum 2006) 445 M

A heavily-ruffled, waxy-petaled beauty in a rich shade of medium pink and a hint of a white throat. Formal glad that will be great for exhibition. Flowerheads reach 30” in height, with 24-26 buds and opens 8.

L: $2.00/ea., or 3/$5.00, M: $1.00/ea., or 3/$2.00

HONOR ROLL (Bowen 2015) 400 EM

We predict that with good distribution, Honor Roll will go right to the top of the white class. The characteristics of this variety are the perfect recipe for it to become a commercial success! Extremely sturdy plants support flower heads reaching 30.” Opens 7-8 nicely-ruffled white florets rather formally with 26 buds.

L: $2.50/ea., M: $1.50/ea., S: $0.75/ea. Unit: 1 L: 3 M, 2 S, 10 Blblts for $7.00

HOT FLASH (Summerville2008) 326 M

The color can be best described as a sizzling shade of deep rich burnt orange with a deeper lip petal. Opens 7-8 florets on dark reddish spikes with 28” heads.

L: $2.00/ea., M: $1.25/ea.

HOT PURSUIT (Apfel 2010) 354 EM

Healthy-growing, brick-orange makes good bulbs and its propagation is outstanding.

L: $1.00 or 3/$2.00/ea., M: $0.75/ea., or 5/$2.00

IVY LEAGUE (Bowen 2017) 411 M

A very classy glad indeed! Ivy League isn’t just an off white but a really rich smooth cream with a soft yellow throat. This color combination is punctuated with a small orchid color which radiates from the very center of the floret. Heavy substance and ruffling characterize the 7-8 formally opening florets on 30” heads. Both plant health and bulblet production are excellent. 

L $4.00, M $2.50, S $1.50 or Unit 1L, 2M, 2s 10 bulblets for $8.00

JAZZ AGE (Frazee 1976) 465 EM

Novel medium rose with a yellow throat that is heavily infused with gold veining. Good health, and propagation is out of control!

L: $1.00/ea, or 3/$2.50 or 10/$6.00, M: 3/$2.00

JEAN K. (Klutey 1998) 375 M

An obvious Pulchritude seedling, Jean K. has all the fine Characteristics of its parent plus it is a deeper lavender and somewhat larger, has a prettier blotch and is beautifully ruffled. Has 25 buds with 8 formally placed florets open at once on 30’ heads.

L: $2.00, M: $1.00

JERSEY SWIRL (Bowen 2017) 447 EM

Very Similar to its parent Raspberry Swirl with one exception, much richer color.  The upper petals are a gorgeous shade of hot pink, with a large deep yellow covering the throat and lower petal.  Florets are nicely ruffled and open 7-8 of 24 buds rather formally.  Very healthy grower that makes pretty bulbs.  Especially striking for the brilliant color contrast, Jersey Swirl goes with our highest recommendation.

L $4.00, M $3.00, S $1.50 Unit 1L, 2M, 2S, 10 bulblets for $9.00

JESTER (Fischer 1963) 417 LM

Great old-timer that’s been around for over FIFTY years. The color is a rich, deep-yellow which displays a very prominent red blotch. Bulbs are top-notch and produce loads of germinating bulblets. An absolute top-notch cut flower!

L: $1.00/ea., or 3/$2.50, M: $0.75/ea. or 3/$1.50

JOYFUL (Fischer 1994) 475 M

A medium lavender with a lighter throat, along with a rose-purple blotch. Cuts 100%. Tall grower with a great flowerhead.

L: $1.50/ea., or 3/$3.00, M: $1.00

KALEIDOSCOPE (Smitts 2012) 355 M

Dazzling novelty! Deep, rosy-red blotch that is encompassed by a buff-yellow edge.

L: $3.00/ea., M: $2.00 ea.

LADIES’ CHOICE (Apfel 2015) 475 EM

`Here’s one the ladies will love! A heavily ruffled combination of both medium-lavender and white that is certain to brighten your day. Opens 7-8 florets very formally on stretchy flowerheads and plants are tall to allow ease in cutting. Designers and florists alike will love working with this beauty. Makes healthy, high-crowned bulbs with a good amount of large bulblets.

L: $2.50/ea., M: $1.50/ea., S: $.75/ea., Unit of 1 L, 2 M, 2 S, 10Blblts for $5.00

LADY IN RED (Lull 1992) 454 M

Uniformly produces spikes with up to 8 of 26 buds open on heads of 34’ in medium soft red.  No burn, no weathering, just unbelievably perfect spikes!  Has great health and vigor.

L: $1.50/ea., M: $1.00/ea.

MARIA K. (Sprinkle 2005) 443 M

Described as a prettier version of Marj S., the color is brighter shade of medium pink that delicately blends white towards the center of the floret. Easily obtains 32-34” heads, with 26-28 buds and opening 8-10 florets. Health& propagation both superb.

L: $1.50/ea., or 3/$3.00, M: $1.00/ea.

MELLOW YELLOW (Bowen 2014) 314 M

A delicate, medium yellow whose beautiful form derives from its very frilly florets which open rather widely. Formally opens 7- 8 of its 24 buds with 30” flowerheads. Makes huge bulbs and a multitude of easily germinating bulblets. Should be both a winner on the show table and a commercial success — a real pleasure to grow!

L: $2.00/ea., M: $1.25/ea., S: $0.50/ea., Unit: 1L, 2M, 2S, 10 Blblts for $4.50

MICHELE (Bowen 2015) 311 EM

A small, formal-blooming beauty that you will find enchanting! Ivory-white with a heavy overlay of yellow on the lower three petals. Each yellow petal is slashed with a bright magenta stripe. Flowerheads reach 24.” Should make an ideal landscaping glad with its sturdy, low-growing foliage and long lasting open florets that blooms to the top. Very healthy variety, and a rapid propagator.

L: $2.50/ea., M: $1.50/ea., S: $0.75/ea. Unit of 1L, 2M, 2S, 10Blblts: for $6.00

MILEESH (Koenig 1989) 495 M

One of the most successful producers of championship spikes in our list. A serious grower should never go without Mileesh! Smooth, deep-tan with a clean, white throat. Florets are formally placed and nicely ruffled.

L: 3/$2.00 or 10/$6.00, M: 3/$1.50 or 10/$4.00

MILLENIUM (Klutey 1999) 401 M

Very fancy, ruffled white with an interestingly large medium-rose blotch. Opens up to 9 of 26 buds nicely on arrow straight flowerheads. Health and growth habits are all superlative.

L: $2.00/ea., M: $1.00/ea.

Mr. CARL FISCHER (Fischer 2000) 411 M

Has heavy substance and great habits. A blend of white, cream, yellow, and red. Opens 8 of 24 buds on 30” flower heads, and is a great novelty cut flower.

L: $1.50/ea., or 3/$3.00, M: $1.00/ea.

NOBLE RUST (Bowen 2016) 455s M

A lovely, richly-colored medium red with a distinctive smoky cast. Big, husky plants support thick spikes with flowerheads reaching 34.” The spikes hold 26-28 buds, with 8-9 rather formally-placed florets. A very healthy variety that will really shine in your garden!

L: $3.00, M: $2.00, S: $1.00, or Unit is 1L, 2M, 2S + 10 Blblts for $7.00

NUCLEAR BLAST (Bowen2015) 454 M

Tall plants produce 32” flowerheads that open 8 of 26 buds, but even more impressive is the color. It’s a medium- to deep-red that has a real glowing sheen that’s certain to be one of the most eye-catching blooms in your patch. A very healthy variety that produces a plentiful amount of bulblets.

L: $3.00/ea., M: $2.00/ea., S: $1.00/ea.

ORANGE-U-GLAD (Bowen 2017) 327 M

Similar to its parent Sportsman, but superior in all aspects.  Orange-u-glad is a sizzling, rich brick orange color with large very sharp deep yellow darts protruding from its throat.  Growth is very robust and plants reach nearly 6 ft in height.  Spikes are 30” – 33” tall with 7-8 openings.  Guaranteed to be the talk of any show with its stunningly vibrant color! Health is great and bulbs are beautiful!  Anyone that loves color will instantly become a fan of this variety the first time they see it bloom.

L $4.00/ea., M $2.50/ea., S $1.00/ea. or Unit 1L, 2M, 2S, 10 bulblets for $8.00

PEACH BLOSSOM (Pletcher 2005) 433 M

A mouthwatering shade of light to medium peach with a blending yellow throat.  Big sturdy plants support thick stem spikes of 28 to 30’.  Opens 8 of 26 buds in formal placement.  Bulbs are healthy and make plenty of bulblets.

L: $2.00, M: $1.00


This is a tall growing, formally-blooming white with a hint of a cream throat. Makes massive spikes of 34” + with 26-27 buds. Opens 8 lightly ruffled florets in a very formal fashion and should become equally valuable for cut flower sales. Has received top ratings in our field for the last several years!

L: $3.50, M: $2.00, $1.00, or 1L 2M, 3 S, 10 bblts for $8.00

PILLOW TALK (Sprinkle 2004) 470 EM

A great show glad that can open 10 of 30 buds on 30” heads. In addition to its excellent exhibition potential, Pillow Talk will be equally sought after for its intoxicating shade of ultra-light, powderpuff lavender. Robust grower that produces plump, healthy bulbs with a copious amount of bulblets.

L: $1.00/ea., or 10/$6.00, M: 3/$2.00 or 10/$5.00

POWDER KEG (Apfel 2017)495 EM

An exceptionally healthy variety of unique color that is difficult to describe, nicely ruffled florets open to expose several different shades of brown that blend lighter towards the center. The upper petals are a lighter shade of silvery brown. The center of the floret is a medium shade of orange brown that has a subtle white line protruding from it. Spikes are 28” tall and opens 6-7 florets. Very easy cutter that makes nice tall stems. Very consistent grower of uniform spikes.

L: $ 3.00, M:$2.00, S $1.00, or Unit 1L, 2M, 2S,10 bblts $7.00

PRISCILLA (Frazee 1977) 465 EM

A charming novelty cut flower variety, opens 7-8 ruffled florets on a stretchy spike. A medium rose on the outer petals with a pleasing blend of cream yellow lip petals with tinted edges. One of the all-time easiest to grow.

L: $1.00/ea., or 3/$2.50 or 10/$6.00, M: 3/$1.50 or 10/$400

RASPBERRY SWIRL (Summerville’06)465 M

The upper petals are medium shade of raspberry rose, with a large creamy area covering the throat and raised midribs. Very nicely ruffled and with 8 of 24 buds opening is truly a sight for sore eyes. A healthy, easy-growing, and beautiful variety!

L: $1.50/ea., or 3/$3.00, M: 3/$2.00

REVERIE (Summerville 1984) 377 M

A most unusual shade of medium purple/violet, blending to a lighter shade in the throat with a hairline-white picotee around each petal. Opens 8 of 23 buds on tall stems with flower heads of 28.” Nicely ruffled with great facing and placement!

L: $1.50/ea., M: $1.00/ea.

ROBERT S. (Sprinkle 2003) 473 M

Named in honor of the hybridizer, and one that he would certainly approve of. Very formal medium lavender that slightly blends to a small white throat. Easily opens 10 florets formally onto 33” spikes containing 28 buds. A beautiful color, as each petal seems to illuminate a rose-pink hue that almost makes it glow in the field.

L: $1.50/ea., M: $1.00/ea., S: $0.75/ea.

ROYAL VIENNA (Bowen 2016) 475 M

An outstanding variety that is equally novel as it is beautiful. This cross of Pulchritude and Raspberry Swirl has blended the best qualities of both parents in one fantastic glad! The color is a medium shade of orchid that contains an overpowering, dark magenta blotch. Very tall plants routinely reach 5 ½” in length with spikes that are 33.” Nicely ruffled and very formally blooming, much like his seed parent, Pulchritude. The tall spikes contain 26 buds and easily open 8 in very formal fashion. Should be equally coveted as a show spike and designer flower. Bulbs are very healthy and bulblet propagation is excellent. This is a “must-have” variety!

L: $4.00/ea., M: $2.50ea., S: $1.00ea., or: Unit 1L, 2M, 3S.,10 Bblts for $9.00

SHILOH (Summerville 1982) 315 M

Recently elected to the Gladiolus Hall of Fame, Shiloh is a precisely-ruffled, tri-color in medium yellow with ivory cream on the upper petal extremities with an explosive, spectacular red blotch. It has tall, straight spikes with great consistency. A great parent!

L: $2.00/ea., M: $1.00/ea.

SHOWSTAR (Hartline 1997) 412 EM

A very beautiful, recessive light yellow that opens 8 formally of 23 to 25 buds. Has won many championships. One of the best yellow exhibition varieties.

L: $2.00/ea., M: $1.00/ea.

SHY GIRL (Sprinkle 2017) 441b M

This tall growing variety is a real beauty. The heavily flushed pink is beautifully accented with a medium yellow throat that contains a lovely rose blotch. Exceptionally healthy plants support tall spikes with 30” flower heads. Opens 8 of 26 buds very formally and should be a contender at shows. Arrangements and vases will prove breathtaking. Bulbs grow large and healthy and yield plenty of bblts.

L: $4.50/ea., M: $3.00/ea., S: $1.25/ea.

SPORTSMAN (Frazee 2006) 427 EM

Very tall growing variety with great color make this a popular cut flower.  5 ½ ft plants open to expose a very vibrant orange color with a rather eye-catching yellow dart in the bottom 2 petals. An easy cutter that also is a quick propagator.

L: $1.50/ea., or 3/$3.00, M: 3/$2.00

STAR PERFORMER (Hartline2007) 377 M

Great all-around glad that consistently rates on the Top Ten list. This beautiful, rosy lavender has a prominent, white throat containing a diamond-shaped, rose-red blotch. Very formal, as it opens 8 of 26 buds with 30” flowerheads. It also makes a great novelty cut flower, as well as a show variety. Top-notch!

L: $2.50/ea., M: $2.00/ea.

SUNSET FIRE (Bates 1996) 445 M

A very large, 400-size medium-pink with a small, pure-white throat. Opens 8-9 of 27 bulbs very formally on heads 32”-34.” Very healthy!

L: $1.50/ea., M: $1.00/ea.

TAHITI SUNRISE (Schmits 1994) 321 VE

One of the earliest to bloom and as unusual as anything you’ll see all summer.  It’s basic color is pale buff with a deeper yellow throat that is bordered with a half inch wide edging of rows. We know of no other glad quite like it.  Grows to a moderate height with 6-7 of 19 buds open on a 25’ flowerhead. A welcome addition to any garden.

L: $1.50/ea., M: $1.00/ea.

TAMPICO (Fischer 2006) 463 M

We have more stock of Tampico than any other variety that we grow! One of the fastest propagating varieties that we’ve ever grown. Plants grow big and rugged, producing a very tall spike that blooms in the most delicious shade of misty rose. Tampico is a variety that should be a “staple” in every cut flower grower’s program.

L: $1.00/ea., or 10/$6.00, M: $0.50/ea., or 10/$3.00

THE CLOWN (Bates 2000) 335 M

A wiry-stemmed novelty that is as productive as any variety we know. The color is a Smokey salmon with a large cream throat, and sharp, deep rose blotch. A rapid propagator.

L: $1.50/ea., M: 3/$2.00

TONGUE-N-CHEEK (Bowen 2017) 325 EM

A very festive novelty that will certainly brighten your day. Triangular shape florets open with an explosion of color. The outer petals are a medium shade of orange that blends to yellow, and the inner set of petals are all yellow with a cute cherry red center.

Arrangements using this variety will be outstanding, indeed! Florets open very widely with 6 of 21 buds opening. Placement is informal, often with florets facing up. Stems are sturdy, yet wiry and cut with ease. Produces large easy to germinate bulblets, so stock will increase rapidly. A really colorful combination of colors that is sure to put one in a good mood.

L: $3.50/ea., M: $2.00/ea., S: $1.00/ea. or Unit 1L, 2M, 1S, 10 bblts for $5.50

TUSCANY (Pletcher 1997) 478 M

A rich medium to deep purple with sharp white lines on the petal centers.  Florets are nicely ruffled with good substance and beautiful texture.  Capable of winning Grand Championship as it makes 32’ flowerheads with 26 buds and opens 8-9 in formal placement.

L: $1.50/ea., M: $1.00/ea.

UNIQUE (Croteau 2002)   363   EM

Rose with yellow undertones gives this variety an unusual overall color.  The lower petals are bright yellow in the throat, and the petal edges are violet – rose.  Nicely – ruffled, and formally opens 8 of 26 buds.

L: $1.50/ea., M: $1.00 ea.

UPTOWN GIRL (Bowen 2016) 355 M

The first “face-up” variety that we have introduced in years. Uptown Girl is a vibrant scarlet-orange that opens wide to reveal a sharp, white line on each petal. Each floret opens with 3 outer petals and 3 inner petals each set forming a perfect triangle. Together they give the appearance of a 6-point star. Quite stunning when viewed looking straight down as the florets bloom facing straight up. A characteristic that’s sure to make this a favorite for arrangements. Propagation is swift as healthy bulbs produce ample bulblets that germinate very well. A variety that we look forward to seeing bloom each year!

L: $3.50, M: $2.50, S: $1.00 or 1L, 2M, 2 S,10 Bblts for $7.50

VALHALLA (Klutey 2000) 343 LM

Medium deep rose with a sharp white throat. 28” flowerheads that have 22-24 buds that open 7. Very healthy and an excellent propagator.

L: $1.00/ea., or 3/$2.50, M: 3/$2.00 or 10/$5.00

WELCOME (Fischer 1997) 435 M

Bright salmon pink with a sharp, white throat. Very heavily-ruffled and plants are tall and sturdy.

L: $2.00/ea., M: $1.00 ea.

WINNERS CIRCLE II (Bowen 2014) 479 M

A very formal, deep purple with a deeper rose blotch whose beauty is enhanced by its ruffling and heavy substance. Very formal, it easily opens 8 of 26 buds with 30” flowerheads, and will contend for top honors at the shows. Formal, beautiful, and healthy, Winners Circle truly is the real deal!

L: $2.50/ea., M: $1.50/ea., S: $0.75/ea., or Unit: 2L, 2M, 4S, 10 Bblts for $7.50

General Listings Miniature Varieties 2018

ABOUT FACE (Longhenry 2003) 245 EM

Our 2003 Introduction remains in the top 10 list of miniatures. A real self-dresser that formally opens eight of 22-24 buds with heads reaching 28 inches. The color is a vibrant medium pink with a sharp clean white throat. Has won many grand champs and is sure to win many more.

L: $2.50/ea, M: $1.50/ea,

CHERRY NOSE (Apfel 2013) 215 VE

Cute garden variety that will be among the first to bloom in your garden. Cherry Nose is a medium, golden-yellow variety with a bright, cherry-red blotch. The plants are healthy and produce an abundance of bulblets.

L: $1.50/ea  M: $1.00/ea,  S: $0.50/ea

CREAM PUFF (N.Anderson2015) 210 Mzzz

This intensely-ruffled little cream is a delicious treat indeed! Show growers will love the formal placement that each spike makes, and designers will love using it for its sheer beauty and ruffling. Spikes of 24” hold open 8 of 22 buds on sturdy, slender stems. Bulbs are healthy, but rarely grow larger than #2 size, but miniatures seem to grow best from this size. All growers will agree that this variety is a real Cream Puff.

L: $2.50/ea, M: $1.50/ea, S:0.75/ea

DANIELLE (Apfel 2004) 255 VE

A delicious shade of candy apple red that’s sure to wet the palate of glad fans everywhere. An excellent miniature cut flower that opens 5-6 florets with 22 buds on tall spikes.

L: $1.50/ea., M: $1.00/ea., S: $0.50/ea.

FLASHPOINT (Martin 2013) 225 M

Flashpoint is a small flower with big ruffling and a waxy texture. This variety opens its 6-7 florets of 18 buds with 24”heads and is so beautiful that it has been described as the miniature version of Calliope. The color is a gorgeous shade of burnt orange, which blends yellow in the throat.

M: $2.00/ea., S: $1.00/ea.

FLIRTACEOUS (Apfel 2005) 275 M

A novel combination of medium lavender and white. Opens 7 of 23 buds on long flowerheads and is a joy to cut.

L: $2.00/ea., M: $1.50/ea.

HMS STARDUST (Welcenbach1999)157 VE

Tiny, very early-blooming variety that is the only true primulinus gladiolus that we grow. Dark red with a tan and gold throat, this one will delight you and will certainly be the first in your garden to bloom.

L: $1.00/ea., (10/$6.00), M: $.50/ea., (10/$3.00)

HOTLINE (Labrum 2002) 267 EM

One of the most outstanding miniatures we grow!  Extremely tall 30” flowerheads open up to 12 florets very formally on sturdy stems.  Brilliant color combination of bright rose red with a striking clean yellow throat makes this variety stand out.  Our Bulb stock is young and robust.

L: $2.00/ea., M: $1.50/ea., S: $0.75 Unit of 2L, 2M, 2S, and 10 blblts $7.00

JACQUELINE MARIE (Bates 2004) 253 E

A cutely-blotched novelty with great appeal. The color is a light red-scarlet that blends into a white throat containing a prominent red blotch. Its 6-7 florets formally open on 24” heads.

L: $1.50/ea., (3/$3.00), M: $1.00/ea., or 3/$2.00, S: $0.50/ea.

LAGUNA (Kollasch 2007) 273 M

An unusual, needle-pointed silver- and lavender-colored gladiolus whose petals are enhanced with white midrib spears over a deeper lavender blush on the lower petals. Opens 6-7 florets formally with 24 buds and 27” flowerheads.

L: $1.50/ea., M: $1.00/ea., S: $0.50/ea.

PINKY RING (Summerville 2008) 243 EM

Pinky Ring is a very frilly petaled cotton candy shade of pink. The center is a shade lighter with a heavy knuckled throat. Opens 6 to 7 triangular florets with 24 inch heads and 20 buds.

L: $1.50/ea., M: $1.00/ea.

ROSE DRAGON (Hesselton1975) 256 EM

A variety that is most unusual. The color is a medium- to deeper-red that opens 5 florets with 19 buds. The novelty of this variety is the floret. They open and look very much like a double tuberose. A rapid propagator, and many of the bulblets planted will bloom.

L: $2.00/ea., M: $1.00/ea.

RUTH ANN (Everson 2000) 200 EM

An excellent pure-white miniature that opens 8-9 ruffled floats in formal placement with 22 buds on 26” flowerheads. Very healthy and prolific.

L: $1.50/ea., (3/$3.00) M: $1.00/ea., (3/$2.00), S: $0.50/ea.

SANTA’S LITTLE HELPER (N. Anderson 2008) 255 M

A truly festive little glad that is one of the finest miniatures that we have produced in years. Santa’s Little Helper is a bright carmine-red with a contrasting white throat and a small, subtle, feathery rose blotch. Head length is 26”, with 8 of 22 buds blooming formally.

L: $1.50/ea., (3/$3.00), M: $1.00/ea., (3/$2.00)

SNOFLAKE (Selinger 2007) 100 E

A prolific tiny white with ruffled, lacey florets that will be one of the first to bloom. Opens 7 of 24 buds formally on straight, thin stems. Healthy bulbs produce large bulblets that germinate well.

L: $1.50/ea., M: $1.00/ea.

SNUGGLEBUNNY (Apfel 2005) 270 M

Delicate little beauty with a great color. 24” heads contain 18 buds that open 6-7 rounded florets uniformly and expose an incandescent shade of ultra-light lavender. Great cutting stems give this variety a future as a cut flower. These bulbs are healthy and propagate rapidly.

L: $1.50/ea., (3/$3.00), M: $1.00/ea., (3/$2.00)

STARFISH (Apfel 2003) 225 M

An exotic, salmon-orange miniature. The florets are ruffled with a waxy texture and are extremely needle-pointed. Long flowerheads contain 22-24 buds, of which 7-8 florets open very formally. Can make either a formidable show glad or a dazzling arrangement.

L: $1.50ea., M: $1.00ea., S: $0.50ea.

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