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From: David  
Sent: Monday, February 27, 2017 7:07 PM
To: deanna clifford
Subject: RE: Summerville Gladiolus Worldwide Catalog 2017


Hello Deanna,

As a child I was with my grandfather in his office as he ran the adding machine. All day there would be classical music played from vinyls and he ran a speaker to the cellar where he spent tie processing and cataloging corms in the harvest season.  He loved to take pictures with his Stereorealist camera and it seemed a great joy when the selections were made for the catalog pictures. He was a banker before dedicating himself to the Gladiolus, so the books were easy for him. In the Winter he delivered mail for the post office to keep the 4 kids fed and got a loan each Spring for the growing season, like any other farmer.

He greatly admired the Summerville’s and always believed that glad people are the best people.  Growing up and visiting the grandfolks was always a treat in summer. Always fields of flowers and many brass cans full of cut flowers for locals to come get.  Several of the grandchildren had flowers named after them. Amy Beth, now a librarian in Texas, had the most prolific namesake.  Ree;s Rose was another favorite for us, named after our GranMaree who played scrabble and Yahtzee with us little ones while Winston was out in the fields. He seemed to get most the work (weeding) before lunch time.  We had it easier as grandkids than his children, who all spent their summers in the field.  When I was little he downsized to about 7 acres by the house he kept right to the end way back in 1976.

Certainly things have changed and I admire any who find a way to keep the love of flowers and continue their business. It warms my heart every time I see a gladiolus 🙂 


I hope all goes great for you,